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  • Dogs and cats coming to Australia from group 3 countries must be accompanied by a valid import permit, which provides the conditions for importing the dog.

    • The conditions on the import permit take precedence over any other source of information. 

    • Dogs must comply with all conditions on the import permit.

    • Failure to comply with the conditions on the import permit may result in the dog being (at your cost):

      • held longer in post entry quarantine

      • subject to additional testing

      • exported

      • euthanased.

  • On arrival in Australia dogs must spend a minimum of 10 days at the Mickleham post entry quarantine facility.

  • government approved veterinarian or official government veterinarian must perform all veterinary procedures.

  • All testing must be done in an approved country in a laboratory recognised by the government of the country of export.

  • The department cannot give advice on treatments for diseases. Seek advice from a veterinarian if your dog tests positive to an infectious disease listed in the import conditions.

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