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The following are requirements for your pet container.


Fibreglass, metal, plywood, solid wood and rigid plastics


Each pet travelling in a container must have enough space to be able to turn around normally, be able to lie, sit and stand in all natural positions


Wooden crates should have an outer frame of 2.5cm x 7.5cm lumber screwed or bolted together and lined with solid wood or plywood


Side walls of each container must require sufficient ventilation and meet a required thickness on the wooden crates

Handling Bars

There will be two handling bars attached to the middle of both sides of the container


The floor will be made of solid and leak proof material, an absorbent blanket must be placed on the floor of the crate as well as a blanket can be placed in the crate


The door must make up one whole side of the crate, it can be a hinged or sliding door. Large doors will require additional hinges and the mesh must be nose and paw proof to avoid any injury. The locking pins on the doors will engage the container by at least 1.6cm


The total ventilated area must be 16% of the total surface area of the four sides


The very best IATA approved dog and cat crates will be sourced for your pet, these crates will meet the pets requirements such as height, weight and width also the requirements of the final destination for your pet.

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